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What is JOMO JET? / JOMO JETとは?

ImageJOMO JETとは?

 JOMO JET とは群馬県内のJETプログラム(語学指導等を行う外国青年招致事業)参加者の外国語指導助手(ALT)や国際交流員が、学校や職場での職務以外で、地域との国際交流を行うために、自ら企画した事業を実施している団体です。



What is JOMO JET?

   JOMO JET is an organization run by JET Programme participants in Gunma who work as ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers) or CIRs (Coordinators of International Relations) that aims to contribute to the internationalization of Gunma, to foster international exchange, and to promote the JET Programme within Gunma through planning local outreach events.

   In the past, JOMO JET has held events such as English Board Game Nights, foster home facility visits, a Christmas Card workshop, and a recycled crafts workshop for Earth Day. Please click here for information on past events.

   The English Board Game Nights (an event where English table games or card games are introduced and played) is a recurring event that takes place every two months.

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