Event Reports

Thank You! – Shibukawa Board Game Night * 渋川ボードゲームナイト

A big thank you to all the attendees to our 2nd Shibukawa Board Game Night! On September 6th, about 25 people of all ages gathered at the Shibukawa Kouminkan to play board games, eat delicious snacks, and communicate in English.

The event went splendidly. There were many children, so we were able to play some fun children-oriented games such as Uno Stacko, Trouble, and Dutch Blitz. The adults also had fun playing Risk, Taboo, and other card games.

The food corner was filled with delicious tortilla chips and salsa as well as mini-chocolates. This time, JOMO JET member Lindsay was kind enough to craft her special caramel popcorn balls, which are a popular item in fall in the United States. They were delicious, so thank you so much Lindsay!

I hope to see everyone at the next board game night!



今回はトルティーヤ・チップス、サルサ、そしてミニチョコレートを用意しました。また、JOMO JETメンバーのリンジーがおいしいキャラメルポップコーンボールを作ってくれました。アメリカでは秋に人気があるお菓子です。リンジー、ありがとう!




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