Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * International Movie Showing & Discussion * 国際的な短編映画上映会&ディスカッション







今月のイベントは高崎市ボードゲームナイト(今週の金曜日 7月10日)です。次の掲載を楽しみにしたください。

JOMO JET would like to thank everyone who came to our movie event on June 27th. This was our first time doing this so we were nervous about how it would go. However, you all discussed the films extensively, so it turned out to be a fun event

1.   Electric Fan

2.   Home Sweet Home

3.   Acorn

The next event is Board Game Night (This FRIDAY, July 10th) and will be held in Takasaki. Please look out for our next post!

DSC06179 DSC06189 DSC06211 DSC06233 DSC06234 DSC06243

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