Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Spectrum x JOMO JET: Discussion & Mixer * ディスカッション&交流会

2月21日(日)にJOMO JETは「Spectrum」(スペクトラム)という国際交流団体と共催で「JOMO JET x Spectrumディスカッション&交流会」を行いました。初めてのイベントでしたが、おかげさまで多くの方々にご参加していただき、とても有意義なイベントとなりました。



その後JOMO JETのジェイミーさんが基調講演を行いました。日本や群馬県の国際化状態について分かりやすく発表しました。とても興味深く、とてもいい話でした!

2 Keynote FINAL

基調講演の後、JOMO JETメンバーとボランティアのALT(外国語指導助手)がパネリストになって、パネルディスカッションで日本の良いところと改善すべきところ、そして群馬の国際化を進めるために何が必要か、率直な意見をたくさん述べました。

3 Panel FINAL


4 World FINAL


Spectrumについてもっと知りたい方は以下のリンクをご覧下さい: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum-901767409918737


On Sunday, February 21st, JOMO JET held a collaborative discussion and mixer event with the international organization Spectrum. This was the first event of its kind, but thankfully many people attended and made it a meaningful event.

Right after the opening, we played a game called Human Bingo to help ease everyone’s nerves. Everyone in attendance (planners and participants alike) asked each other questions such as age, hobbies, etc., so even people who didn’t know each other before were able to smile and laugh together. Thanks to this opening activity, the entire venue was buzzing in no time!

After the game, JOMO JET superstar Jaime Ota delivered the keynote speech. She spoke on Japan’s as well as Gunma’s current conditions related to internationalization. Like a true superstar, Jaime made the data very easy to understand, connecting the presentation topic to participants’ everyday lives.

After the keynote speech, JOMO JET members and volunteer ALTs took center stage for a panel discussion. Our seven panelists gave honest opinions on Japan’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their ideas on what is necessary to further internationalization in Gunma.

In the final World Café segment of the event, participants split into small groups to consider and discuss their individual roles in Gunma Prefecture’s internationalization. Because participants recognized their own parts to play, and then shared these with one another, the distant image of an even more diverse and remarkable Gunma Prefecture solidified into each person’s clear, tangible goal.

To those who participated in this event, thank you so much for coming! What did you start to do the day after the event to contribute to Gunma’s internationalization? How are you putting what you learned and experienced at this event into tangible action?

To learn more about Spectrum, please click the following link: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum-901767409918737

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