Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Eigo De Cooking * 英語でクッキング

2月28日(日)にJOMO JETは前橋市国際交流協会と共催で「英語でクッキング」を実施しました。ご参加していただいた方が多くて、皆様のおかげさまでとても楽しいイベントになりました!
JOMO JETのメンバーと英語で会話しながら、参加者の皆様は美味しいアメリカ料理に挑戦してみました。5人のグループに分けてから、料理が上手なクリスチン先生(JOMO JET)の指示に仰ぎながら、とても美味しいメニューが無事に作れました。






最後にこのような素晴らしい経験を忘れられないように参加者の皆様、前橋市国際交流協会のスタッフとボランティアやJOMO JETのメンバーは素敵な記念写真も撮れました。




On Sunday, February 28th, JOMO JET held a collaborative cooking event in English with the Maebashi International Association (MIA). Thanks to the many people who participated this turned into an incredibly fun event!
The participants had the opportunity to challenge themselves with cooking a delicious American meal while enjoying and practicing English conversation with the JOMO JET members. After we formed groups of 5 people, every group prepared a tasteful menù following Kristin (JOMO JET)’s leading instructions.

First, we made a very good sheppard’s pie that turned to be very popular with the participants. Then, we used a lot of lettuce, fruits and cheese to learn to make Waldorf Salad, and we concluded the meal with some cute whipped key lime mini cakes.

Of course, after cooking we also had the time to relieve our fatigue and appetite and eat the delicious meal we prepared all together while continuing our chat in English. It was the best of the lunch times!

At the end of the event MIA staff, JOMO JET members and all the participants also took a picture all together to remember the wonderful experience.

Thanks everyone to join to this cooking event and thanks to MIA for the kind cooperation to make it happen! Let’s try to challenge ourselves with cooking again in the future if there’s any opportunity for it!

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