Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Recycled Crafts * リサイクル工作・雑貨を作ろう




アースデイを祝うために、毎年このイベントで参加者が日常生活の中でよく使われているものを再利用できる機会を提供しています。 今年は古いTシャツと牛乳パックとトイレットペーパーの芯で面白くて役に立つものをたくさん作成できました。今回の牛乳パックを使った工作は初めての試みでしたが、参加者にも大変好評でした。特に牛乳パックで作った船は年齢に関係なく多くの子供たちに大人気でした。また、トイレットペーパーの芯で作った恐竜も大変人気がありました。この二つを合わせて、恐竜を船に乗せて遊ぶ子供の姿が多く見られました!牛乳パックで作った箱のようなちょっと難しい工作もありましたが、完成品は大変素晴らしかったです!特に保護者の皆様がこの作品を楽しそうに作っていらっしゃいました。


JOMO JET_2016 recycled crafts 01






Thank you everyone who came to our Recycled Crafts event on March 21st!  As always, the success of this event was all thanks to you.


JOMO JET_2016 recycled crafts 11


In honor of Earth Day, every year we host Recycled Crafts, where participants can find new uses for everyday objects.  This year, we used old T-Shirts, milk cartons, and toilet paper rolls to create lots of fun and useful things.  All the milk carton crafts made their debut this year and were well-received.  The milk carton boat was especially popular with kids of all ages.  Toilet paper roll dinosaurs were also quite popular.  More than a few children had fun combining the two and giving their dinosaurs boat rides!  Some crafts, like the treasure box made from milk cartons, were a bit difficult, but the end results were fantastic!  Parents especially seemed to enjoy this craft.



We were able to talk in English and Japanese with many people, both while making crafts and while enjoying snack time.  Finally, we hope the message of recycling and reusing stays with our participants (try using the Life Hack Pinterest board found via the QR code on the flyer everyone received)!


We hope to see you at our next event!

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