Event Reports・イベント報告

Foster Home Visit (04/23/2016) – 児童養護施設訪問

4月にJOMO JETメンバーとALTのボランティアは、渋川市にある児童養護施設を訪問しました。






JOMO JET members and ALT volunteers visited a foster home facility in Shibukawa City in April.

Since this visit was in the spring, we prepared activities incorporating rabbits and eggs, which are often considered symbols of spring in places like America and Europe. We started off with an egg hunt, where children took turns hiding and searching for colorful plastic eggs. They seemed to enjoy being creative with their hiding spots! The children also sang BUNNY, a version of BINGO with different lyrics, while they waited for their friends to hide eggs.

Next, children played pin-the-tail on the rabbit. They attempted to pin the tail on a big drawing of a rabbit while blindfolded. Some children did very well, while others couldn’t help laughing at where their tails ended up.

We then went outside to hold an egg relay race in teams. Each team had a ladle with a plastic egg in it, and they had to speed walk without dropping the egg before handing off the ladle to a teammate. The last child in each team then tried to toss their egg into a box using their ladle. Everyone was able to play without dropping their egg.

Lastly, we dyed some boiled eggs. We used white crayons to draw designs, and we dyed the eggs using food coloring. Everyone drew their favorite characters or designs and dyed their eggs various colors.

The visit was over in the blink of an eye, but we hope that the children enjoyed themselves. We hope to see them again in the near future!

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