Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Takasaki Board Game Night * 高崎のボードゲームナイト

On July 8th, JOMO JET co-hosted our Board Game Night event with the Takasaki International Relations Society at the Takasaki General Welfare Center. This was the first time our two organizations hosted an event together, and we really enjoyed working together with them!

7月8日に、JOMO JETは高崎市国際交流協会と共同主催で高崎市総合福祉センターでボードゲームナイトを行いました。国際交流協会との初めての共催でしたが、大きな喜びでした。


Takasaki Board Game Night is always very popular, and this time was no different! We had participants of all ages and we were able to enjoy playing many games together. We even got to play a new game called We Will Rock You. It was a lot of fun!



This was also the last event for some of our long-time JOMO JET members, as well as our previous leader. They are all moving on to new things, but we were happy to be able to enjoy one more great JOMO JET Board Game Night with them! Please join us again for board game night in Maebashi in September!

今回は長い間お世話になったメンバーたちと会長にとっての最後のJOMO JETイベントでした。彼らはこれからそれぞれの道を行くようになっているのですが、最後にもう一回楽しいボードゲームナイトができてよかったです。9月のボードゲームナイトは前橋に開催しますので、ぜひ参加してください!


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