Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Halloween Crafts Event * ハロウィンイベント

On Monday, October 10th (national holiday), JOMO JET held its first ever Halloween craft event at the Gunma Prefectural Showa Government Building. There were smiles all around as we made various crafts to get everyone in the Halloween spirit!

10月10日(木)に、群馬県庁昭和庁舎でJOMO JETはハロウィンのイベントを開催しまた。色々なハロウィンの工作や、雑貨を作りながら、皆さん楽しんでいました!


Young children and their parents from the community made Halloween crafts alongside wonderful ALT volunteers. We made paper bag lanterns, paper plate spider candy bags, toilet paper bats, and paper bag monster puppets. It was a bit messy at times, but everyone in attendance had a wonderful time!


A popular craft was “put the spider on the web” in which participants got to decorate a paper spider and attempt to place it on a giant web! Our spider web was covered in many spiders by the end of the day!



Everyone was encouraged to wear a costume and we saw a variety of costumes that day. We had Snow White, Elsa from Frozen, Mickey Mouse, and a couple of police officers make an appearance! Thank you all for coming in your best Halloween costumes!


Of course everyone who came also got their fill of candy. Enjoy the sweet treat!



JOMO JET and our amazing volunteers enjoy participating in these types of events with all of you! Please look forward to our next event and always check our website for more information.

Until then,
Happy Halloween!

JOMO JETのメンバー やボランティアは今回のイベントを参加者の皆さんと一緒に楽しんでいました!次の工作のイペントを楽しみにしていてください!イベントの案内は、JOMO JETのブログで確認してください。