Nakanojo Board Game Day (5/12) 開催のお知らせ

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土曜日の午後、JOMO JETと一緒に英語を練習しながらボードゲームでもいかがですか?

■日時:5月12日(土)、14:00-16:00 (13:45 受付)
■場所:ツインプラザ 大会議室(2階)
■定員:30名 定員になり次第締め切ります。(キャンセル待ち可)
*15 歳未満の参加者は保護者の同伴が必要となります。
Hello, everyone!
The next board game event will be held in Nakanojo! With that, instead of the usual board game “night”, it will be a board game “day” event. How about practicing English while enjoying board games with JOMO JET on a fine Saturday afternoon?
■Date & Time: Saturday, May 12, 14:00-16:00 (registration at 13:45)
■Venue: Twin Plaza  Daikaigi-shitsu (Grand Meeting Room) 2nd floor
(1005-1 Ise-machi, Nakanojo-machi, Agatsuma)
■Cost: Free (prior registration is required)
■Deadline: Friday, May 11 by 12:00pm
■Capacity limit: 30 participants (registration will close once capacity is filled)
*Participants under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent.
■To register: Please tell us your (1) name and (2) telephone number via telephone or email.
■Contact: Sarah Dela Cruz
International Strategies Division
Gunma Prefectural Government
TEL: 027-226-3394
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