Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Easter Egg and Earth Day Trashing Collecting Event * イースターエッグ&ゴミ拾い

On Saturday, April 21st, JOMO JET gathered at Takasaki Park to celebrate Easter with the Gunma community by dyeing Easter eggs and going on a Easter egg scavenger hunt. We also celebrated Earth Day by picking up trash by the river, then finished our day with an outdoor picnic under the blooming wisteria flowers.

イベント内容:4月21日(土曜日)高崎公園 にてJOMO JETとコミュニティーの皆さんが集い、イースターエッグの色付けやイースター・エッグ・ハントなどでイースター(復活祭)をお祝いし、また、アースデイ(地球の日)のお祝いとして、川沿いのゴミを集めたり、満開の藤の花の下でピクニックを楽しみました。



We began by creating many different bright colors (using vinegar, warm water, and food coloring) to dye our hard-boiled eggs.


We even made cool designs using a white crayon before letting it soak in the dye.



The colors are so nice and springy. Everyone did a great job. Did you know- you can even eat them if you want!





While everyone was busy dyeing eggs, the Easter Bunny secretly hid many eggs around the park. The kids went around the park hunting for Easter eggs. They seemed to enjoy both the egg hunt and the candy, of course!


Next, we walked to the river to pick up trash to reduce pollution in honor of Earth Day. It’s important to make everyday choices that are friendlier for the environment, such as using a reusable “My Bag” instead of wasting plastic bags every time you shop at a grocery store, conserving water by taking shorter showers, and/or turning off the lights or unplugging electronics when they are not being used.



Though it was a hot day, everyone worked really hard to pick up as much trash as they could find. We ended up filling up 4 trashbags!  Thank you so much for coming, we had a great time celebrating Easter and Earth Day with you!



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