Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Paint Night * ペイントナイト

JOMO JET held the first Paint Night on Friday, June 22 at Maebashi Chuo Kominkan. The event was inspired by painting parties that have gained popularity in North America, where people gather to relax, paint, share food and drink, and socialize.
JOMO JET622日に前橋中央公民館で初めてのペイントナイトイベントを開催しました。北米では近年、ペインティングをしながら交流を楽しめる「ペインティングパーティー」が人気になってきました。これをきっかけとして、「ペイントナイト」を企画しました。


Our instructor was Jessica, an art major and former Gunma ALT. She came all the way from Saitama for us. Jessica demonstrated acrylic painting and explained everything step-by-step in simple English.


We referred to photos of Oze and sketched the basic parts of our paintings in pencil before applying paint. There was also bossa nova playing in the background that helped set the mood.



Halfway through painting, everyone took a well-deserved break. We enjoyed snacks and chatting with one another.



The great thing about Paint Night is that anyone can join and have fun making art. Many people experienced how fun painting can be, and were happily surprised by what they could produce.


We all painted the same Oze landscape, but everyone’s own unique styles showed through. It was fun to admire each other’s work.

Thank you for making our first Paint Night a success! We hope to see you again next time.

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