Takasaki Board Game Night (2/22)開催のお知らせ



JOMO JETの大人気イベント「ボードゲームナイト」を、G.I.C.(国際国際クラブ)と共催で開催します。今回は高崎市での開催です。大勢の参加が見込まれますので、お申込みはお早めに!ぜひご参加ください!




  • 主催:JOMO JET
  • 共催G.I.C.(群馬国際交流クラブ)
  • 日時:2月22日(金)、19:00-21:00 (18:45 受付)
  • 場所:高崎市総合福祉センター                 会議室1(1階)                                                    (群馬県高崎市末広町115-1)
  • 参加費:無料(事前申し込みが必要です)
  • 締め切り:2月22日(金)、正午.                *定員になり次第締め切ります。(キャンセル待ち可)
  • 定員:50名(15 歳未満の参加者は保護者の同伴が必要となります。)                        *G.I.C.でも募集しております。
  • 申込方法:メール又はお電話で氏名、年齢、電話番号をお知らせください。
  • 問い合わせ先:サラ・デラクルーズ              群馬県企画部国際戦略課                               027-226-3394                           

Takasaki Board Game Night

JOMO JET is coming back to Takasaki for our next board game event. This event will be co-hosted by the Gunma International Club. We are expecting a big crowd, so please sign up early! We hope to see you there!

G.I.C. is a group that plans events where Japanese residents and foreign residents can interact with each other through various events. Anyone is welcome to participant in their events!

Event Details: Let’s play board games from around the world. Come speak in English with Gunma ALTs while we play all kinds of games. It’ll be a lot of fun! English beginners are welcome too!

  • Hosted by: JOMO JET
  • Co-host: G.I.C. (Gunma International Club)
  • Date & Time: Friday, February 22   19:00-21:00
  • Location: Takasaki City General Welfare Center Meeting Room 1 (1F)                                 (Address: 115-1 Suehirocho, Takasaki-shi, Gunma-ken)
  • Cost: Free (Prior registration is required)
  • Registration Deadline: Friday, February 22, noon .                                                           *Registration will be closed when the capacity has been met. (Waitlist available)
  • Max. Participants: 50 (Participants under age 15 must be accompanied by a guardian)                                                                 *G.I.C. is also registering participants at the same time.
  • How to Register: Please tell us your (1) name, (2) age, and (3) telephone number via email or telephone (see below).
  • Contact: Sarah Dela Cruz                   International Strategies Division, Gunma Prefectural Government                      TELL 027-226-3394


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