Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Eigo De Cooking * 英語でクッキング

On Saturday, February 18th, JOMO JET held our collaborative cooking event in English with the Maebashi International Association (MIA). Thanks to the many people who came to enjoy delicious food and speaking English together!

2月18日(土)にJOMO JETは前橋市国際交流協会と共催で「英語でクッキング」を実施しました。たくさんの方にご参加いただいて、皆様のおかげでとても楽しいイベントになりました!

The participants had the opportunity to challenge themselves with cooking a delicious French meal while practicing English conversation with the JOMO JET members. After we formed groups of 5 people, every group prepared a tasty menu following Kristin (JOMO JET)’s  instructions.

JOMO JETのメンバーと英語で会話しながら、参加者の皆様は美味しいフランス料理に挑戦しました。5人のグループに分かれて、料理が上手なクリスティン先生(JOMO JET)の指示に従いながら、とても美味しいメニューを無事に作れました。


First, we made a delicious French Onion soup. Then, we made the traditional French dish, Chicken Cordon Bleu, but we made a special Dijon Cream Sauce to go with it. We also had French bread, which is an important part of any French meal.




We were able to enjoy our lunch together in our groups and talk in English with each other. Finally, we finished the meal with some chocolate lava cake. It was a great time!



Thanks to everyone for joining this cooking event and thanks to MIA for the kind cooperation to make it happen! Let’s try to challenge ourselves with cooking again in the future!



We hope to see you all at our next event, Numata Board Game Night (Friday, March 17)!


Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Takasaki Board Game Night * 高崎のボードゲームナイト

On July 8th, JOMO JET co-hosted our Board Game Night event with the Takasaki International Relations Society at the Takasaki General Welfare Center. This was the first time our two organizations hosted an event together, and we really enjoyed working together with them!

7月8日に、JOMO JETは高崎市国際交流協会と共同主催で高崎市総合福祉センターでボードゲームナイトを行いました。国際交流協会との初めての共催でしたが、大きな喜びでした。


Takasaki Board Game Night is always very popular, and this time was no different! We had participants of all ages and we were able to enjoy playing many games together. We even got to play a new game called We Will Rock You. It was a lot of fun!



This was also the last event for some of our long-time JOMO JET members, as well as our previous leader. They are all moving on to new things, but we were happy to be able to enjoy one more great JOMO JET Board Game Night with them! Please join us again for board game night in Maebashi in September!

今回は長い間お世話になったメンバーたちと会長にとっての最後のJOMO JETイベントでした。彼らはこれからそれぞれの道を行くようになっているのですが、最後にもう一回楽しいボードゲームナイトができてよかったです。9月のボードゲームナイトは前橋に開催しますので、ぜひ参加してください!


Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Isesaki Board Game Night * 伊勢崎ボードゲームナイト

On Friday, September 11th, JOMO JET held its first dual-sponsored board game night with the International Club from Iseasaki High School!

9月11日(金)にJOMO JETは伊勢崎高等学校の国際クラブと共催で伊勢崎ボードゲームナイトを開催しました。

The student volunteers from Isesaki were great and helped make our board game night a great success!



We enjoyed a very spirited round of Jungle Speed with our new student friends, and even debuted a new game: Incan Gold!



Thank you again to the wonderful students from the Isesaki HS International Club!



Please join us for our next board game night, Friday, November 13th in Maebashi!