Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Numata Board Game Night * 沼田ボードゲームナイト

On Friday, March 17th, we had a St. Patrick’s Day themed Numata Board Game Night. Participants who wore green to our event received a few of one of Japan’s most famous green snacks, Matcha Kit Kats.

3月17日(金)に、沼田市で聖パトリックの祝日のテーマのボードゲームナイトを開催しました。緑色の服を着て来た参加者が日本の有名な緑色の抹茶味のKit Katをもらいました。

DSC_0038(edit)     DSC_0040(edit)

This time around, we had 4 games, including a brand new game, Pass the Pigs. Many participants said they enjoyed our new game because it was easy to understand and fun.

今回は4つのゲームがあって、1つはPass the Pigsという新しいゲームでした。何人かの参加者がPass the Pigsのやり方がわかりやすくて、楽しかったと言いていました。

DSC_0025(edit)   DSC_0018(edit)

Unfortunately, this event was the last JOMO JET event for our member Caro. She will be moving to Australia in April! We will all miss her very much. Thank you for all you’ve done, Caro!

残念でしたが、このイベントは一人のJOMO JETのメンバー、Caro、の最後のイベントでした。Caroは4月にオーストラリアに引っ越します!これからCaroがいないと寂しいですが、いままで色々ありがとうございました!


Thanks to all of those who came to Numata Board Game Night, it was a really great time!


Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! 2016 International Carnival *2016国際カーニバル*

The 4th Annual International Carnival was held on Sunday, November 27th at the Takasaki Minami Elementary school gymnasium. As this year’s main event, in addition to our JOMO JET members, there were 39 volunteers that helped from beginning to end. Participants were able to enjoy learning about different countries and cultures through posters, booths, demonstrations, and performances.

11月27日(日)に、高崎市立南小学校の体育館で「第4回2016国際カーニバル」を開催しました。毎年国際カーニバルはJOMO JETのメインイベントになっているから、JOMO JETのメンバー以外に、39人のボランティアが最初から、最後まで頑張って手伝ってくれました。参加者はポスター、体験、パフォーマンスなどを通して、色々な国や文化について楽しんで学べました。

punjabiincanada  australianfootballhairbraiding2  indonesianbooth

This year we had more booths than we’ve ever had before! These booths represented Australia, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Nepal, Germany, Punjabi in Canada, African American Culture, Spectrum, and Western Boy & Girl music groups. With many unique things to learn and try, these booths were some of the best yet!


handpainting2  flagcoloring

There were also fun carnival activities such as face painting, bucket toss, and a country flag coloring quiz for all to enjoy!


indonesiandance  cowboyninjabear

This year’s performances included exciting musical acts, traditional dances, interactive games, competitions, and more.



As we do every year, at the end of the event, all the remaining participants and volunteers joined in on a big dance, run by the African American culture booth representatives. This year, we did a new dance called “The Cupid Shuffle!”

イベントの最後に、アフリカ系アメリカ人文化のブースのボランティアたちにアメリカで人気のダンスを教えてもらい、参加者、ボランティア、そしてJOMO JETメンバー全員で踊りました。でも今年、「チャチャスライド」の代わりに「キューピッドシャッフル」という新しいダンスを踊りました。

Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered and participated in this year’s International Carnival. We hope you had a great time and we look forward to seeing you next year!