Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank you! * Maebashi Board Game Night * 前橋ボードゲームナイト


We enjoyed talking in English and playing board games!  Thank you to everyone who came!



In September, we had our Maebashi Board Game Night! Over 20 participants and volunteers came together to play many board games and to have fun discussions in English!



We had many participants of all ages and levels of English. Together, we enjoyed eight games.  The night was full of laughter and fun!


前橋ボードゲームナイトに来てくれた皆さん、ありがとうございました!また次のボードゲームナイトで英語を話して、楽しく過ごしましょう!群馬の将来のボードゲームイベントとその他のJOMO JETイベントについてのお知らせをお楽しみにしてください!このウェブサイト、Facebook、Instagramの最新情報を確認してください。次のイベントにも遊びに来てください!

Thank you very much for coming to the Maebashi Board Game Night! We hope to see you at our next Board Game Night for more fun and English! Stay tuned for announcements about future board game events and other JOMO JET events throughout Gunma! Check for updates here on our website, as well as Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank you! * Nakanojo Board Game Night * 中之条ボードゲームデイ

来てくれた皆さん、ありがとうございました! Thank you to everyone who came!

In May, we had our Nakanojo Board Game Day! Not only did we have many participants, but many ALTs from all around Gunma came and volunteered!  It was loads of fun!

The 7 games that we played were Dobble, Dixit Odyssey, Pass the Pigs, We Will Rock You, English Jenga, Splash! and Hedbanz. Participants picked 3 games they wanted to play and rotated every few minutes.

This was our second time having an event in Nakanojo. We hope to have another fun event there soon! As always, we look forward to seeing you all again in the future!

Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Paint Night * ペイントナイト

JOMO JET held the first Paint Night on Friday, June 22 at Maebashi Chuo Kominkan. The event was inspired by painting parties that have gained popularity in North America, where people gather to relax, paint, share food and drink, and socialize.
JOMO JET622日に前橋中央公民館で初めてのペイントナイトイベントを開催しました。北米では近年、ペインティングをしながら交流を楽しめる「ペインティングパーティー」が人気になってきました。これをきっかけとして、「ペイントナイト」を企画しました。


Our instructor was Jessica, an art major and former Gunma ALT. She came all the way from Saitama for us. Jessica demonstrated acrylic painting and explained everything step-by-step in simple English.


We referred to photos of Oze and sketched the basic parts of our paintings in pencil before applying paint. There was also bossa nova playing in the background that helped set the mood.



Halfway through painting, everyone took a well-deserved break. We enjoyed snacks and chatting with one another.



The great thing about Paint Night is that anyone can join and have fun making art. Many people experienced how fun painting can be, and were happily surprised by what they could produce.


We all painted the same Oze landscape, but everyone’s own unique styles showed through. It was fun to admire each other’s work.

Thank you for making our first Paint Night a success! We hope to see you again next time.

Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Easter Egg and Earth Day Trashing Collecting Event * イースターエッグ&ゴミ拾い

On Saturday, April 21st, JOMO JET gathered at Takasaki Park to celebrate Easter with the Gunma community by dyeing Easter eggs and going on a Easter egg scavenger hunt. We also celebrated Earth Day by picking up trash by the river, then finished our day with an outdoor picnic under the blooming wisteria flowers.

イベント内容:4月21日(土曜日)高崎公園 にてJOMO JETとコミュニティーの皆さんが集い、イースターエッグの色付けやイースター・エッグ・ハントなどでイースター(復活祭)をお祝いし、また、アースデイ(地球の日)のお祝いとして、川沿いのゴミを集めたり、満開の藤の花の下でピクニックを楽しみました。



We began by creating many different bright colors (using vinegar, warm water, and food coloring) to dye our hard-boiled eggs.


We even made cool designs using a white crayon before letting it soak in the dye.



The colors are so nice and springy. Everyone did a great job. Did you know- you can even eat them if you want!





While everyone was busy dyeing eggs, the Easter Bunny secretly hid many eggs around the park. The kids went around the park hunting for Easter eggs. They seemed to enjoy both the egg hunt and the candy, of course!


Next, we walked to the river to pick up trash to reduce pollution in honor of Earth Day. It’s important to make everyday choices that are friendlier for the environment, such as using a reusable “My Bag” instead of wasting plastic bags every time you shop at a grocery store, conserving water by taking shorter showers, and/or turning off the lights or unplugging electronics when they are not being used.



Though it was a hot day, everyone worked really hard to pick up as much trash as they could find. We ended up filling up 4 trashbags!  Thank you so much for coming, we had a great time celebrating Easter and Earth Day with you!



Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * 2017 International Carnival *2017 国際カーニバル

The 5th Annual International Carnival was held on Sunday, November 26th at Viento Takasaki in conjunction with Takasaki International Relations Society (TIRS). At this year’s main event, in addition to our JOMO JET members, there were many volunteers that helped from beginning to end. Participants were able to enjoy learning about different countries and cultures through posters, booths, demonstrations, and performances.
11月26日(日)に、高崎ビエントで高崎市国際交流協会と一緒、国際カーニバルを開催しました。毎年国際カーニバルはJOMO JETのメインイベントになっているから、JOMO JETのメンバー以外に、多いボランティアが最初から、最後まで頑張って手伝ってくれました。参加者はポスター、体験、パフォーマンスなどを通して、色々な国や文化について楽しんで学べました。

This year we had seven booths in total. These booths represented Australia, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Canada, Hawaii, and African American Culture. With many unique things to learn and try, these booths were some of the best yet!

There was a lot of delicious food from many countries, and fun activities such as face painting, kimono etiquette, and an international stamp rally for all to enjoy!

This year’s performances included exciting musical acts, traditional dances, and martial arts such as capoeira.


Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered and participated in this year’s International Carnival. We hope you had a great time and we look forward to seeing you next year!


Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Eigo De Cooking * 英語でクッキング


On Saturday, March 10th, JOMO JET held our collaborative cooking event in English with the Maebashi International Association (MIA). Thanks to the many people who came to enjoy delicious food and speaking English together!
3月 10日(土)にJOMO JETは前橋市国際交流協会と共催で「英語でクッキング」を実施しました。たくさんの方にご参加いただいて、皆様のおかげでとても楽しいイベントになりました!

The participants had the opportunity to challenge themselves with cooking a delicious meal while practicing English conversation with the JOMO JET members. After we formed groups of 5 people, every group prepared a tasty menu following Kristin (JOMO JET)’s  instructions.
JOMO JETのメンバーと英語で会話しながら、参加者の皆様は美味しいフランス料理に挑戦しました。5人のグループに分かれて、料理が上手なクリスティン先生(JOMO JET)の指示に従いながら、とても美味しいメニューを無事に作れました。

This year we made: Mediterranean shrimp scampi, tabouli salad, and tahini brownies for dessert. It was really delicious! We were able to enjoy our lunch together in our groups and talk in English with each other. It was a great time!


Thanks to everyone for joining this cooking event and thanks to MIA for the kind cooperation to make it happen! Let’s try to challenge ourselves with cooking again in the future!


Event Reports・イベント報告

Thank You! * Isesaki Board Game Night * 伊勢崎のボードゲームナイト

来てくれたみなさんありがとうございます!Thank you to everyone who came!


今回のボードゲームナイトの参加者は様々なゲームを楽しく遊びました。This time, Board Game Night participants were able to enjoy many different games.

皆さんと楽しい時間を過ごしました!Everyone had a lot of fun!

たくさんのお菓子があってよかったですね。It was a good thing there were a lot of snacks.

伊勢崎高校と伊勢崎高校のインターナショナル部の皆さん、ご協力ありがとうございました!Thank you to Isesaki High School and Isesaki International Club members who helped us co-host this event!