Thank you! *Kiryu Board Game Night* 桐生ボードゲームナイト

On Friday, November 10th, JOMO JET held another successful board game night at the Kiryu City Performing Arts Center in Kiryu. The event gathered many participants from around the world and of all age groups, and for one night, elementary school, international, and senior participants went head to head over English board games. We even got to see several arm wrestling competitions– complementary of English Jenga!

11/10(金)に桐生市市民文化会館で JOMO JET のボードゲームナイトが開催しました。参加者は小学生から大人、そしてさらに色んな国からの人も一緒に仲良く、楽しく英語のゲームを遊べました。英語ジェンガでも腕相撲の罰ゲームで盛り上がりました。お疲れ様です!


(Above) Board Game: Mahe (ウミカメの島)

(Below) Board Game: Hedbanz (ヘッドバンズ)


There were 7 games: English Jenga, Incan Gold, Mahe, Pictureka, Ghost Blitz, Toddles Bobbles, and Hedbanz.

Thank you to everyone that came out to this event. I personally had fantastic conversations about travel destinations around the world over snacks and tea and got a little too excited watching participants sing and dance at the Jenga table.

We’ll see you all at the next Board Game Night!

全部で7つのゲームが並んであり、参加者は好きなゲームを三つ選べます。もちろんゲームは英語で遊びます。それにしても楽しく英語を使ってくれた参加者を見てすごく感動しました。小学生の子供達も色んな新しい英語の単語を学んで、最後も”see you~”でお別れしました。私も休み時間に旅行のおすすめ情報をたくさん聞かせてもらいました。これからも英語を日常にたくさん使ってください〜来てくれてありがとうございました!



Foster Home Visit (10/14/2017) – 児童養護施設訪問

For Halloween, JOMO JET members dressed up in costumes and visited a foster home in Shibukawa.
ハロウィンにJOMO JETメンバーが仮装をし、渋川市にある児童養護施設を訪問しました。
We enjoyed many Halloween activities together. We tossed a ball of yarn to each other as we said our names, making a giant spider web together. The children decorated paper bags so they had a candy bag for the day.

The children then moved from one game station to another in groups to play three games and get candy. They made Halloween masks, played a carnival game where they tossed a ball into the mouth of a jack-o- lantern, and had a mummy race by wrapping their partner with toilet paper.

At the end, all students went apple bobbing. The apples were quite big for their little mouths, but everyone was able to fish an apple out of the water! Even a staff member participated, grabbing their apple with their mouth right away! We hope the children had a fun time celebrating Halloween with us, and we hope to see them again in the near future!



[満員御礼/Full house]Kiryu Board Game Night (11/10) 開催のお知らせ


Kiryu Board Game Night (11/10) 開催のお知らせ

[満員御礼/Full house]

更新(11/08):申し込みが定員になりましたので、締め切らせていただきます。キャンセル待ちをご希望の方は別途ご連絡ください。Update (11/08): Registration is now closed, as we have reached our capacity. Please contact us if you are interested in being placed on a waiting list.



■場所:桐生市市民文化会館 第一会議研修室 (群馬県桐生市織姫町2-5)
■定員:15名 定員になり次第締め切ります(キャンセル待ち可)
*15 歳未満の参加者は保護者の同伴が必要となります
TEL: 027-226-3394

Hello, everyone! The cool fall weather has come upon us.

This year’s Kiryu Board Game Night will once again be held in conjunction with Kiryu International Exchange Association! Please join us for night of fun!

Event Details: Let’s chat in English and play games together! English beginners are also welcome. We hope to see you there!

■Co-hosted with the Kiryu International Exchange Association
■Date & Time: Friday, November 10th, 19:00-21:00 (Registration from 18:45)
■Venue: Kiryu Shimin Bunkakaikan #1 Kaigi Kenshuu Room
(2-5 Orihime-cho, Kiryu)
■Cost: Free (prior registration is required)
■Deadline: Thursday, November 9, 12pm
■Capacity limit: 15 people (waiting list option)
*Participants under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent.
*Kiryu International Exchange Association is also recruiting. Please contact them for details.
■To register: Please tell us your (1) name, (2) age, and (3) telephone number via telephone or email.
■Contact: Sarah Dela Cruz
International Strategies Division
Gunma Prefectural Government
TEL: 027-226-3394



Thank you! Maebashi Board Game Night 前橋ボードゲームナイト

On Friday, September 15th, JOMO JET held Maebashi Board Game Night at Showa Chosha.


JOMO JETは9月15日(金)に群馬県庁昭和庁舎で前橋ボードゲームナイトを開催しました。


We had many participants of all ages and levels of English. Together, we enjoyed seven games. We played a brand new game, Super Rhino, where participants stacked cards while testing their steady hands. The night was filled with laughter and warmth!




Thank you very much for coming to the Maebashi Board Game Night! We hope to see you at our next Board Game Night for more fun and English! Our next event will be the International Carnival in Takasaki on November 26.






[満員御礼/Full House] Maebashi Board Game Night (9/15) 開催のお知らせ

Maebashi header

[満員御礼/Full house]

更新(9/11):申し込みが定員になりましたので、締め切らせていただきます。キャンセル待ちをご希望の方は別途ご連絡ください。Update (9/11): Registration is now closed, as we have reached our capacity. Please contact us if you are interested in being placed on a waiting list.



■日時:9月15日(金)、19:00-21:00 (受付:18:45~)
■場所:昭和庁舎 35会議室
■定員:25名 定員になり次第締め切ります。
*15 歳未満の参加者は保護者の同伴が必要となります。
■お問い合わせ:サラ デラ クルーズ
TEL: 027-226-3394

Good morning everyone! One of our most popular events, Maebashi Board Game Night, will be held on Friday, September 15th! It’s likely that this event will fill up fast, so be sure to register as soon as possible!

Event Details: Let’s chat in English and play games together! English beginners are also welcome.

■Date & Time: Friday, September 15th, 19:00-21:00
(Registration from 18:45)
■Venue: Showa Chosa – Room 35
(1-1-1 Ote-machi, Maebashi)
■Cost: Free (prior registration is required)
■Deadline: Thursday, September 14th, 12pm
■Capacity: 25 people
(registration will close when capacity is reached, but a waiting list option is available)
*Participants under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
■To register: Please tell us your (1) name, (2) age, and (3) telephone number via telephone or email
■Contact: Sarah Dela Cruz
International Strategies Division, Gunma Prefectural Government senryakuka@pref.gunma.lg.jp
TEL: 027-226-3394



Thank you! *Takasaki Board Game Night* 高崎ボードゲームナイト

On Friday, July 7th, JOMO JET held Takasaki Board Game Night at Spectrum.

JOMO JETは7月7日(金)にSpectrumで高崎ボードゲームナイトを開催しました。



This time, we had eight different games. Many people tried new games for the first time, but there was also the well-known Jomo Karuta. Of course, it was the English version!




Also, we introduced a new English-only sticker system. Participants who wanted to be spoken to in only English could put a sticker on their name tag. For many people, it was a fun challenge and way to practice more English!




Sadly, it is once again the time of year to say goodbye to many JOMO JET members. We wished Tabitha, Crystal, and Brandon the best of luck. We were able to have a fantastic last event with them.

残念ながら、またJOMO JETのメンバーの中で、たくさんのメンバーとお別れの時期になってしまいました。タビサ、クリスタル、ブランドンの、今後ますますの活躍を期待しています。彼らとの最後のイベントは最高でした。



Thank you so much for always making Takasaki Board Game night such a success! We hope to see you at our next Board Game Night.


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Thank you! *Annaka Board Game Night* 安中ボードゲームナイト

JOMO JET hosted Annaka Board Game Night on Friday, May 12 at the Matsuida Community Center. It was our very first event in Annaka!

JOMO JETは5月12日(金)に松井田公民館で安中ボードゲームナイトを開催しました。安中市での初イベントでした!


People of all ages from different cities joined us for the event.


We played five games including English Jenga, which was not only fun to play, but fun to watch as well.


During break time, we were able to enjoy some Japanese flower arrangements displayed at the community center.



For most participants, it was their first time at a JOMO JET event. Thank you so much for joining us, and we hope to see you soon at another event!

ほとんどの参加者はJOMO JETのイベントに初めて参加しました。来てくれてありがとうございました。次のイベントで会いましょう!