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Thank you! *Annaka Board Game Night* 安中ボードゲームナイト

JOMO JET hosted Annaka Board Game Night on Friday, May 12 at the Matsuida Community Center. It was our very first event in Annaka!

JOMO JETは5月12日(金)に松井田公民館で安中ボードゲームナイトを開催しました。安中市での初イベントでした!


People of all ages from different cities joined us for the event.


We played five games including English Jenga, which was not only fun to play, but fun to watch as well.


During break time, we were able to enjoy some Japanese flower arrangements displayed at the community center.



For most participants, it was their first time at a JOMO JET event. Thank you so much for joining us, and we hope to see you soon at another event!

ほとんどの参加者はJOMO JETのイベントに初めて参加しました。来てくれてありがとうございました。次のイベントで会いましょう!

Event Reports

Thank You! 2016 International Carnival *2016 国際カーニバル*

The 4th Annual International Carnival was held on Sunday, November 27th at the Takasaki Minami Elementary school gymnasium. As this year’s main event, in addition to our JOMO JET members, there were 39 volunteers that helped from beginning to end. Participants were able to enjoy learning about different countries and cultures through posters, booths, demonstrations, and performances.

11月27日(日)に、高崎市立南小学校の体育館で「第4回2016国際カーニバル」を開催しました。毎年国際カーニバルはJOMO JETのメインイベントになっているから、JOMO JETのメンバー以外に、39人のボランティアが最初から、最後まで頑張って手伝ってくれました。参加者はポスター、体験、パフォーマンスなどを通して、色々な国や文化について楽しんで学べました。

punjabiincanada  australianfootballhairbraiding2  indonesianbooth

This year we had more booths than we’ve ever had before! These booths represented Australia, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Nepal, Germany, Punjabi in Canada, African American Culture, Spectrum, and Western Boy & Girl music groups. With many unique things to learn and try, these booths were some of the best yet!


handpainting2  flagcoloring

There were also fun carnival activities such as face painting, bucket toss, and a country flag coloring quiz for all to enjoy!


indonesiandance  cowboyninjabear

This year’s performances included exciting musical acts, traditional dances, interactive games, competitions, and more.



As we do every year, at the end of the event, all the remaining participants and volunteers joined in on a big dance, run by the African American culture booth representatives. This year, we did a new dance called “The Cupid Shuffle!”

イベントの最後に、アフリカ系アメリカ人文化のブースのボランティアたちにアメリカで人気のダンスを教えてもらい、参加者、ボランティア、そしてJOMO JETメンバー全員で踊りました。でも今年、「チャチャスライド」の代わりに「キューピッドシャッフル」という新しいダンスを踊りました。

Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered and participated in this year’s International Carnival. We hope you had a great time and we look forward to seeing you next year!



Thank you! *Takasaki Board Game Night* ありがとう!高崎のボードゲームナイト!

On July 8th, JOMO JET co-hosted our Board Game Night event with the Takasaki International Relations Society at the Takasaki General Welfare Center. This was the first time our two organizations hosted an event together, and we really enjoyed working together with them!

7月8日に、JOMO JETは高崎市国際交流協会と共同主催で高崎市総合福祉センターでボードゲームナイトを行いました。国際交流協会との初めての共催でしたが、大きな喜びでした。


Takasaki Board Game Night is always very popular, and this time was no different! We had participants of all ages and we were able to enjoy playing many games together. We even got to play a new game called We Will Rock You. It was a lot of fun!



This was also the last event for some of our long-time JOMO JET members, as well as our previous leader. They are all moving on to new things, but we were happy to be able to enjoy one more great JOMO JET Board Game Night with them! Please join us again for board game night in Maebashi in September!

今回は長い間お世話になったメンバーたちと会長にとっての最後のJOMO JETイベントでした。彼らはこれからそれぞれの道を行くようになっているのですが、最後にもう一回楽しいボードゲームナイトができてよかったです。9月のボードゲームナイトは前橋に開催しますので、ぜひ参加してください!


Event Reports

2016 JOMO JET 国際的な短編映画上映会&ディスカッションイベント報告-2016 JOMO JET International Short Film & Discussion Event Report








Thank you to everyone who attended the second JOMO JET film and discussion event. Following the success of the first film event JOMO JET members have been looking forward to this one. This year the event was doubled in length in response to participants’ feedback. Everyone seemed to enjoy sharing opinions about the films’ themes, cultural similarities and cultural differences in their small discussion groups.


Thanks to our volunteers everyone could participate, whether speaking in Japanese or English. Filmmakers the Out of Sight Team (Taiwan), Madeline Sharafian (USA) and Greg Jardin (USA) also gave us permission to screen their films for which we are sincerely thankful. Perhaps at our next film event you can see them!

Links for the films we did show can be found below:

Though I had already seen it once, watching “Photographs” at the event I was moved to tears. Were you all moved too?


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5月14日(土)にJOMO JETは吾妻の素敵な会場(ツインプラザの大会議室)で初めて吾妻ボードゲームデイを開催しました。平日のボードゲームナイトは多いですけど、吾妻はちょっと遠いので今回は土曜日のボードゲームデイを開催しました!



今回のゲームはフランスの「ディクシット・オデッセイ(DiXit ODYSSEY)」と「ブロックス(Blokus)」、ドイツの「ウミガメの島(MAHE)」、アメリカの「アップルトゥアップル(Apples to Apples)」と「ウノスタッコ(UNO STACKO)」、ベルギーの「ピクチャーリーか!(Pictureka!)」でした。国際的なゲームで本当に面白かったです。



Event Reports

Foster Home Visit (04/23/2016) – 児童養護施設訪問 (04/23/2016)

4月にJOMO JETメンバーとALTのボランティアは、渋川市にある児童養護施設を訪問しました。






JOMO JET members and ALT volunteers visited a foster home facility in Shibukawa City in April.

Since this visit was in the spring, we prepared activities incorporating rabbits and eggs, which are often considered symbols of spring in places like America and Europe. We started off with an egg hunt, where children took turns hiding and searching for colorful plastic eggs. They seemed to enjoy being creative with their hiding spots! The children also sang BUNNY, a version of BINGO with different lyrics, while they waited for their friends to hide eggs.

Next, children played pin-the-tail on the rabbit. They attempted to pin the tail on a big drawing of a rabbit while blindfolded. Some children did very well, while others couldn’t help laughing at where their tails ended up.

We then went outside to hold an egg relay race in teams. Each team had a ladle with a plastic egg in it, and they had to speed walk without dropping the egg before handing off the ladle to a teammate. The last child in each team then tried to toss their egg into a box using their ladle. Everyone was able to play without dropping their egg.

Lastly, we dyed some boiled eggs. We used white crayons to draw designs, and we dyed the eggs using food coloring. Everyone drew their favorite characters or designs and dyed their eggs various colors.

The visit was over in the blink of an eye, but we hope that the children enjoyed themselves. We hope to see them again in the near future!

Event Reports

THANK YOU! – Recycled Crafts * リサイクル工作・雑貨を作ろう!




アースデイを祝うために、毎年このイベントで参加者が日常生活の中でよく使われているものを再利用できる機会を提供しています。 今年は古いTシャツと牛乳パックとトイレットペーパーの芯で面白くて役に立つものをたくさん作成できました。今回の牛乳パックを使った工作は初めての試みでしたが、参加者にも大変好評でした。特に牛乳パックで作った船は年齢に関係なく多くの子供たちに大人気でした。また、トイレットペーパーの芯で作った恐竜も大変人気がありました。この二つを合わせて、恐竜を船に乗せて遊ぶ子供の姿が多く見られました!牛乳パックで作った箱のようなちょっと難しい工作もありましたが、完成品は大変素晴らしかったです!特に保護者の皆様がこの作品を楽しそうに作っていらっしゃいました。


JOMO JET_2016 recycled crafts 01






Thank you everyone who came to our Recycled Crafts event on March 21st!  As always, the success of this event was all thanks to you.


JOMO JET_2016 recycled crafts 11


In honor of Earth Day, every year we host Recycled Crafts, where participants can find new uses for everyday objects.  This year, we used old T-Shirts, milk cartons, and toilet paper rolls to create lots of fun and useful things.  All the milk carton crafts made their debut this year and were well-received.  The milk carton boat was especially popular with kids of all ages.  Toilet paper roll dinosaurs were also quite popular.  More than a few children had fun combining the two and giving their dinosaurs boat rides!  Some crafts, like the treasure box made from milk cartons, were a bit difficult, but the end results were fantastic!  Parents especially seemed to enjoy this craft.



We were able to talk in English and Japanese with many people, both while making crafts and while enjoying snack time.  Finally, we hope the message of recycling and reusing stays with our participants (try using the Life Hack Pinterest board found via the QR code on the flyer everyone received)!


We hope to see you at our next event!