What is Eigo de Cooking?

   Every year, JOMO JET teams up with the Maebashi International Association (MIA) and hosts an international cooking class in English called Eigo de Cooking. Here, we aim to bring people from different backgrounds together through food by teaching participants about foreign cooking techniques, recipes and ingredients.

    Our goal is to use as much English as possible when instructing, however individuals who aren’t confident with their language abilities are still encouraged to come. Along with the head cooking instructor(s), a JOMO JET member will be at each station, ready to help with any translations or communication difficulties. In the past, we have had visitors that range from young elementary school children to senior citizens with varying levels of English abilities.

Generally the event takes place at one of the Maebashi Community Center Cooking Classrooms, which limits the number of participants who can take part in this tasty experience. Eigo de Cooking reaches full capacity at a rapid rate so make sure to sign up as soon as possible if you are interested!

Here are some of our past Eigo de Cooking events!

2019 Eigo de Cooking: American Menu

2018 Eigo de Cooking: Mediterranean Menu



    毎年、JOMO JETは前橋市国際交流協会と共催で「英語でクッキング」と言うイベントをします。このイベントの目標は様々な国から来た人を他の国の調理や具材を学ぶことです。

    料理教室の説明はできるだけ英語でしますが、英語が不安な人も参加できます。各グループにJOMO JETのメンバーがわからない英語を日本語で説明します。今までは小学生から老人が参加し、小学校の子供さんから高齢の方まで色々な英語のレベルの方たちが以前訪問されました。



2019 英語でクッキング:アメリカンメニュー

2018 英語でクッキング:地中海メニュー